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  • The Expandables

HGTV Launches Season 2 of The Expandables

The Expandables has returned for a second season on HGTV where renovation experts Rob Evans and Mia Parres help homeowners find spaces in impossible places, when building bigger isn’t an option.

“We are elated to be back for a second season,” says Evans. “Our fans will certainly enjoy this season and we are always glad to share our expertise with homeowners who want to design and build new spaces without adding one extra square foot.”

Parres says viewers are in for a real surprise this season.

“Last season, Rob and I were always competing, but now all bets are off,” she explains. “Sure, we still compete in a small and innocent way, but our focus now is on the homeowners. Viewers will enjoy watching us help homeowners do more with their current spaces. Especially when they feel like they have outgrown them and have new needs where layout doesn’t necessarily accommodate.”

Evans and Parres help these families find both design tricks and reno solutions to their particular homes’ issues.

For Canadian families that more frequently decide to stay in their “bursting-at-the-seams” homes rather than brave the ultra–competitive real estate market, Evans and Parres are an invaluable resource.

The Expandables airs Thursday at 9 pm EST.