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Heavy Metal

Decorating with metallics can add a touch of class and it can be done in all kinds of unique ways. Love the trend, but not sure where to start? Here are two unique projects that demonstrate the possibilities of incorporating metallics into your décor.

Project 1 - Copper Candle Holder

While wandering around my local hardware store, recently, I found myself in theplumbing aisle. Not exactly a designer’s dream. Until I realized that I was surrounded by copper piping parts. Now, copper is one of the biggest trends ininterior design – and I love the colour and sheen. It tends to be fairly expensive, butthis DIY project is a cheap way of creating a copper piece that is guaranteed to be unique.

Back to the hardware store, surrounded by copper plumbing parts; each sold separately and crying out to be joined together to create a candle holder. The possibilities for this one are just endless!

Build a smaller one to hold one candle or create a bigger piece for more candles. The only thing to keep in mind with this project is to test to make sure the different parts fit together before you buy them. I spent a good 10 minutes playing around with these in the store to create a perfect fit. Also, make sure your creation is stable, afterall you are putting candles in there which do have a flame.

My tip is to lay out all the pieces first; then create a design that you like and glue theparts together using special super glue for metal. You’ll find that at your hardware store, too.

If your candle doesn’t fit perfectly in the copper piping (I used 3/4" piping), wrap some aluminum foil around the candle base before putting it in. This project is supereasy and creates a unique look that is right on trend!

Project 2 - Metallic Gold Bed Frame

The second project is to make over an old wooden be d frame. My frame was a find from an online website and was originally dark brown. The dark colour gave the bed frame a heavy and old look, so I chose to update it with golden metallic paint from my local hardware store.

Remember: prepping is crucial to ensure your outcome is successful. I began by sanding the bed frame down (you can do this by hand or with the help of a sanding machine). Then, using sponge brushes to avoid making visible brush strokes, I gave the frame two coats of a sheer metallic paint that allows the wood grain to show through – ensuring the piece doesn’t look too dense.

I also removed the three spiral posts attached to the bed frame, to update the piece and bring it into 2014. The metallic gold gives it a nice sheen that regular paint just would never achieve.

This is an easy, fun and affordable way to enjoy the metallic trend and indulge in a little weekend DIY fun, too! Give it a try. You’re craftier than you think!   

-by Louise Johnsen