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A dream kitchen in just two days!

When designer Jean Monet walked into the kitchen of his home, he saw a blank canvas. The first thing to go: the chestnut coloured cabinetry

Brown is not a happy colour,” says Monet.

Not only was the colour all wrong but the kitchen itself was not functional.

There was no attention paid to functionality the way it was previously designed,” he says. “For instance, when you opened the oven door, you had to go sideways to pass because there was not enough space between the oven and the island!
In an astonishing two days, Monet had transformed his kitchen from drab to fab. Having pre-measured all the counters and cabinetry, Monet reconfigured the entire space to make it functional and fashionable with certain touches that really make the space – including a magic corner.
“Every kitchen has a dead corner in the cabinetry. It's that space in the very back of a cupboard that you have to get on your hands and knees to reach,” says Monet. “Now I have a magic corner where you simply just pull the shelving forward for easy access.”
To satiate his inner foodie, Monet also added a self-watering, self-lit and self-draining hydroponic growing system for herbs similar to what is used in restaurants.
For an exotic touch, Monet added a two-toned beaded backsplash for an ultra modern look. It is the perfect complement to his bright white lacquered cabinetry,
“I love everything about the cabinetry,” says Monet. “It reflects light like a mirror and the counters are sleek with movement. It's a very sexy kitchen. And as for the white, it will never go out of style. Plus it's a happy colour and I wanted a happy home.

Dream team

Architect Designer: Nataly Houle/ Art Zone 514-456-8048

Designer: Jean Monet / Monet Interiors 514-213-2354

Photographer: Drew Hadley Drew Hadley Photographs 514-961-9624

Contractor: Manuel Gonzalez Entreprise de Construction Gonzalez Inc. 514-274-7771

Cabinet Maker: Ebenisterie A. Beaucage inc. 450-589-0066 ext.221

Kitchen supplies

Cabinets: Acry-Lux by Thermoform colour code 5001/5120

Handles: Rocheleau Code Bou-MK70.3364.49 Stainless Steel POI-MK70.3361.49

Backsplash: Ciot Montreal Round Milk Blend 110 Glossy

Counters: Ciot Montreal Micro Gloss Cipollino

Fresh Green Cultivator: Urban Cultivator

Appliances ; Debsel Inc