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DIY deconstructed with DRIcore

A finished basement is full of possibilities: it’s a great space for a home office, kids’ play room or even dad’s man cave. Whatever your vision, you can get there five times faster with DRIcore SMARTWALL, the all-in-one engineered wall panel structured with its own drywall, insulation and framing system. Here’s a step by step plan to install it yourself!

Plan the layout

  • How much DRIcore Subfloor do I need?
  • Length of each wall?
  • How many blank wall panels do I need?
  • How many light switch panels do I need?
  • How many electrical outlet panels (1 every 8-10 feet) do I need?
  • Install DRIcore Subfloor

  • Always start your basement project with the proper foundation
  • Install tracks

    • Floor track second.
    • Attach to Subfloor use 2 x 2 lumber. 
    • Leave a ½ space at each bottom corner. 
    • Offset track by 2 3/8 from the front of the top track to the front of the bottom track.

    Install tracks

    • Top track first. 
    • Attach to floor joists“ use 2 x 2 lumber.

    Install the first wall panel

    • Measure the height and cut the top of panel to size - never cut the bottom. 
    • Secure the panel using 2 ½ screws at the bottom and 5 screws at the top.

    Install subsequent panels

    Use Wall Plug & Light Switch panels as needed.

    Install subsequent panels

    It is recommended to install one wall plug outlet every 8-10 feet, or as required by the local building code.

    Installing Inside Corners

    • Cut the last panel to fit by removing the tongue side. 
    • When installing first new section of wall, use a bead of PL Premium Glue at the inside corner.

    Installing Outside Corners

    Use an Outside Corner Panel to go around obstacles.

    Installing Outside Corners

    • Run a bead of PL Premium at the front edge of the groove and tongue.
    • Leave a ¼ gap at the top and bottom.

    Installation of wiring

    Wiring should always be installed by a licensed electrician.

    Installation of wiring

    If possible, it is best to feed the wires through the horizontal channels as you install the panels. However, your electrician must first approve.

    Finishing the panels

    One of the many conveniences of the SMARTWALL system is the patented Micro Bevel edge detail, which eliminates the traditional taping stage of finishing the drywall surface.