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Build the Best Log Home with Timber Kings’ André Chevigny

Log homes are an innovative—and increasingly popular—choice for homeowners and vacationers alike.

It’s easy to see why: they’re functional, beautiful and a natural addition to the landscape. If you are considering building a log home and are not sure where to start, we’ve got you covered. Timber Kings star and Pioneer Log Homes of BC General Manager, André Chevigny, shares the top five tips you need to keep in mind before building a log home.

Make sure a log home is right for you

“Log homes are certainly different than standard style homes and this is why I tell everyone to do their research first,” explains Chevigny. “I recommend to everyone who wants a log home to spend time learning more about them: get advice from Realtors, talk to people who own log homes, visit log homes and do a lot of research online. Once you are armed with all the right information, you will know if you really want to live in one or not.”

Buy your property first

Sounds obvious, but the point is, the size and situation of your property will help determine the style, size—and in no small part the price—of the log home you choose. “Once you have your property, you can start planning the kind of log home you want,” says Chevigny “Do you want a permanent residence or a vacation getaway? Once you have your property and know the style of log home you want then plan a budget for the construction phase and work from there.”

Decide what kind of log home suits you

Some log homes are milled (machined) or manufactured; others (like the ones Pioneer Log Homes of BC make) are handcrafted. “Clients need to be educated and understand the differences and advantages and disadvantages of both,” he says.

Choose your log homebuilder and general contractor carefully

“There are lots of log-home builders out there and this is why you need to check out everyone closely,” he says. “When considering a builder, ask for their references, visit logs home they have built, and talk to others they have worked with. Most of all, go with your gut feeling when choosing a builder. Your gut is normally never wrong.” Chevigny also says to go with a builder who has an in-house design team if you can. And choose your general contractor with the same care. This is the person you’ll be spending the most time with over the course of your build.

Have fun while building

“Building a log home should be an enjoyable process,” says Chevigny, adding that it’s good to have lots of communication with your family before building so everyone knows what to expect. “It’s a dynamic process. A log home takes on a personality of its own and it becomes an important part of your family during construction. That is why I suggest you embrace it and grow with it for your family.”

André Chevigny stars in HGTV Canada’s hit show Timber Kings and is the General Manager of Pioneer Log Homes of BC. Find him online at pioneerloghomesofbc.com