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A Contemporary Kitchen with a Big Wow Factor

Sleek design and careful planning creates a kitchen as functional as it is beautiful for a busy family of five

Today’s kitchens are so much more than just a place to cook. They are the hub of the house where families come to feast, gather and entertain. So, when we set out to design this kitchen for a family of five, we knew that each zone had to reflect how they lived, and also had to function today—and down the road—for this growing family.

Sleek, classic cabinets

Contemporary kitchens are a popular choice, and I love to make the most of this by adding unexpected, classic touches to contemporary styling. This family’s modern white kitchen has a combination of classic shaker cabinets and reverse shaker door profiles, which adds a contemporary touch. Mixing the cabinet door profiles and adding a variety of hardware distinguishes this room, while adding tall upper cabinets accentuate the dramatic, 10-foot ceilings.

The colour scheme is timeless. The crisp tones in this space will look fresh for years, and the family will not grow tired of these choices. When erring on the safer side with neutral colour choices, playing with textures and patterns, as we did in this room, adds architectural interest.

Seamless counters and backsplash

I often like to create a visual focal point or incorporate a statement piece into a room. That’s exactly what we did by adding a waterfall countertop on the island. The gorgeous Calcutta countertops are manmade from a quartz material to mimic exotic, pricier marble. This stunning material resists chipping, staining and etching. Like most quartz materials, these counters are beautiful, extremely durable and maintenance-free: perfect for a busy family of five. Using the stone on the counters and backsplash creates a seamless and clean look with strong linear elements that accentuate the height of the space.

An island showstopper

The island, painted in dark grey, adds a splash of colour and contrast to the otherwise very minimalistic white kitchen. It’s also very practical—an ideal space for doing homework or preparing a meal. This is an important consideration in kitchen design, and one we are keenly aware of, always creating zones that suit our clients’ needs—cooking zones, entertaining zones or a coffee station, for example.

We also upped the wow factor by installing a fabulous oversized stainless steel hood— with a span of almost six feet, it’s a knockout.

Stylish and simplistic lighting

Every kitchen needs several lighting sources. We chose two understated pendant lights that double as task lighting over the island. Stylish and simple, these pendants brighten the counters and culinary workspaces, while complimenting the industrial style of the hood. For all-over illumination, we used recessed pot lights, which offer the homeowner simplicity and energy efficiency.

Casual contemporary flooring

To add a casual contemporary feel of this kitchen, we laid gorgeous wide-plank hardwood flooring, which we carried into the family room and hallway for a seamless transition between three spaces. Softer lines in the wood and the beautiful charcoal colour adds to the modern feel without being too ornate or formal.

When designing this kitchen, we made sure to review our client’s needs, taking into consideration how they intended to use the space. The result is a sleek, modern kitchen with classic elements.

Award-winning designer Dvira Ovadia, Principal of Dvira Interiors, is known for her appearances and design work on various HGTV shows. Dvira and her team create stylishly smart spaces for clients throughout Ontario & GTA. Find her online at dvira.com