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  • Adding visual impact to outdoor spaces

3 Ways to Add Visual Impact to Your Outdoor Space

Playing with shapes in your backyard is like adding notes to a symphony. Sometimes they don’t work and can be quite jarring. Done properly, strong verticals and rounded tones can take a simple space to a whole new level.

When it comes to using form in the garden, it’s a little more complicated than just creating a space that meets the needs of each individual homeowner. The space also has to have strong aesthetic elements. The function and the form need to be balanced to create something that looks good and works for the family.

Repeating shapes, clusters of plants and shrubs, even rows of narrow trees all add form to a garden. Here are three of my favourite ways to add some visual impact to your space using form.

1. Round shrubs like boxwoods and globe cedars add definition to any type of mixed flower garden. They visually create stability to a space that can often look chaotic. Also, adding several round shapes together lends an undulating rhythm in the yard. 

2. A row of narrow verticals like Trembling Aspens or Columnar Oaks are fantastic for generating privacy in a yard and they traditionally don’t take up a lot of square footage because of their slim profile. These strong uprights add a sense of security to a yard, like a row of stately soldiers. 

3. Mass plantings that bloom the same colour at the same time are a way to create various effects. Planting in groups of 15 or more highlights the shape of the plant and they add punctuation to a garden. A swath of bright yellow or purple makes a statement in any space.